by Markus Herzig

Updated: 23-Jul-2021

Future HB-ZIO as G-JKAY of Jay Kay at Dunkeswell - Photo by Brian T Richards © 4-May-21
HB-ZRU and HB-ZRN of Rega at Locarno-Magadino - Photo by Thomas Schmid © 7-Jul-21 HB-ZAN with BEO Helicopter livery taking off at Locarno - Photo by Oliver Colombi © 18-Jul-21
HB-ZJP of Swiss Helicopter now as well in full company livery - Photo by Swisshelispotter © 10-Jul-21 HB-ZRS of Rega taking off at Morschach - Photo by Thomas Schmid © 16-Jul-21
HB-ZLV of Heli-TV SA taking off at Lodrino in new red colors - Photo by Michele Ceresa © 3-Jul-21 HB-ZNW and HB-ZNP of Alpinlift Helikopter AG at Locarno - Photo by Oliver Colombi © 6-Jul-21
Future HB-ZUL as D-HITE at Krebsberg Nürburgring - Photo by Mark Diekmann © 29-Jun-03 HB-ZLX of Chablais Heli Club at Bex - Photo by Chablais Heli Club Jonathan Viey © Jun-21
HB-ZYK of Heli Sitterdorf AG taking off from Sitterdorf - Photo by Markus Herzig © 6-Jul-21 HB-ZOU in flySUN livery at Plateau Trient with Aiguilles Dorées - Photo by Arnaud Rossier © 30-May-21
HB-ZWL out of the box after arriving in Switzerland - Photo by Centaurium Aviation © 25-Jun-21 HB-ZYE of Air-Glaciers SA at Sion with spray equipment - Photo by Thomas Schmid © 28-Jun-21
HB-ZVH of Airport Helicopter AHB AG at Bern still with Kaan Air title - Photo by Armin Hässig © 1-Jul-21 HB-ZUY of Tarmac Aviation SA in Swiss Helicopters livery - Photo by Oliver Colombi © 3-Jul-21
HB-ZPA of Heli-LInth with a large bubble door and a 4-window roof - Photos by Daniel Menzi © 26-Jun-21 HB-XDH of Swiss Helicopter Club at the homebase in Ecuvillens - Photo by Ronald Kunz © 23-Sep-18
HB-XII of Air Zermatt AG at Raron heliport - Photo by Roland Küng © 16-Jun-21 HB-XKA of Heliswiss International on a rainy day at Airolo - Photo by Michele Ceresa © 24-Jun-21
HB-ZWM of Centaurium Aviation AG on its 1st demo flight - Photo by Centaurium Aviation © 16-Jun-21 HB-ZPA of Heli-Linth at Diestalstafel on the 1st work day - Photo by Raphael Weichselbraun © 18-Jun-21
HB-ZQN of Rega at Katharinenhospital in Stuttgart - Photo by Matthias Hansen  © 25-May-21 HB-XDG of Air-Glaciers SA at Sion in the early years - Photo by Trevor Warne © 29-Feb-75
HB-ZPH of Swiss Helicopter AG at Bern-Belp - Photo by Patrick Aegerter © 5-Jun-21 HB-ZNP with Mountain Flyers title at Dieni with a camera during TdS - Photo by Beat Levy © 12-Jun-21
HB-ZPU of Air-Evolution Ltd at Lodrino homebase - Photo by Michele Ceresa © 5-Jun-21 HB-XVY of Heliswiss International at Bern-Belp - Photo by Michael Truttmann © 4-Jun-21
HB-ZLV of Heli-TV SA at Lodano in new red colors - Photo by Oliver Colombi © 4-Jun-21 HB-ZYH of Groupe Hélicoptère Sion at the homebase Sion - Photo by Thomas Schmid © 27-May-21
HB-ZWC of Mountain Flyers 80 Ltd at Bern-Belp - Photo by Thomas Schmid © 22-May-21 HB-ZOT of Swift Copters SA with Eagle titles at Sion - Photo by Joel Bessard © 29-May-21
HB-ZYF of Air-Glaciers SA during spray ops at Grimisuat - Photo by Thomas Schmid © 27-May-21 HB-ZPO of Rotex Helicopter at Courmayeur in Italy - Photo by Damiano Gualdoni © 26-May-21
HB-XQV of Hélicoptère Service SA at work - Photo by Joel Bessard © 29-Apr-05 T7-LLS of Lions Air Skymedia AG at White Waltham - Photo by David Stevens © 28-Jun-20
HB-XKA of Heliswiss International at Zermatt - Photo by Hans Zurniwen © 7-May-21 HB-ZWX of Alpine Helicopters SA at Thun in new colors - Photo by Bruno Siegfried © 19-May-21
HB-ZUF in Schider Helicopter Service livery at Horovice airfield - Photo by Václav Kudela © 17-May-21 HB-XFF of Swiss Air Ambulance at Gsteigwiler in new colors - Photo by Markus Herzig © 23-Oct-89
HB-ZRK of Air-Glaciers at Lauterbrunnen now with white titles - Photo by Bruno Siegfried © 14-May-21 HB-ZTA and HB-ZVI of Heli-TV SA at Lodrino - Photo by Michele Ceresa © 20-Feb-21
HB-ZNR of Air-Glaciers SA in it's new look - Photo by Adrian Stucki © 6-May-21 HB-ZUD of Lions Air Skymedia at White Waltham in a VIP role - Photo by David Stevens © 2-May-21
HB-XAH of Air Import AG at Zürich airport - Photo Bundesarchiv via Flugarchiv GR © Nov-54 HB-ZQM of Rega at Klinik Schillerhöhe Gerlingen in Germany - Photo by Matthias Hansen © 21-Apr-21
HB-ZQM of Rega returning to the base at St.Gallen - Photo by Paul Ulrich  © 26-Apr-21 HB-ZTO of Swiss Helicopter as camera ship for Tour de Romandie - Photo by Joel Bessard © 28-Apr-21
HB-ZYP and HB-ZYO of Heli Academy at Sitterdorf - Photo by Nicolo Eicke © 26-Apr-21 HB-ZPO of Rotex Helicopter at Balzers taking off for aerial work - Photo by Markus Herzig © 26-Apr-21
HB-ZPN of Heli-TV SA during fire fighting at Ronchini - Photos by Oliver Colombi © 23-Apr-21 HB-ZUT of Air Glaciers SA at Collombey in new colors - Photo by Armin Hässig © 22-Apr-21
Future HB-ZYF as F-GLYL during a visit at Lauterbrunnen - Photo by Bruno Siegfried © 18-Jun-18 Future HB-ZWM as C-GUYK during the virtual acceptance - Photo by Centaurium Aviation © 21-Mar-21
HB-ZWS of Swift Copters / Crest Aviation on delivery at Malpensa - Photo by Roberto Picco © 19-Apr-21 HB-XRD of Heli-TV SA during work at Cevio - Photo by Olivier Colombi © 8-Apr-21
HB-ZPY of Héli-Alpes SA / Helispirit SA at Sion - Photo by Joel Fuchs © 17-Apr-21 HB-XYR of Air Grischa during a snow transport at Lenzerheide - Photo by Flugarchiv Graubünden © 1997
HB-ZPY with test registration F-WWPK at Marseille - Photo by Marc Duthet © 8-Mar-21 T-357 of Swiss Air Force at Alpnach - Photo by Werner Häuselmann © 21-Mar-18
HB-XAA of Air Import AG at Zürich airport - Photo Bundesarchiv via Flugarchiv GR © Apr-51 HB-ZMK of Heli Rezia AG early morning at Locarno for fire fighting - Photo by Luca Agosti © 8-Apr-21
HB-ZYZ of Swiss Helicopter at Ronchini during a school flight - Photo by Oliver Colombi © 13-Mar-21 HB-ZNW of Alpinlift Helikopter AG approaching Buochs airport - Photo by Thomas Bäbler © 28-Mar-21
HB-ZVE of Swiss Helicopter AG at Untervaz - Photo by Roland Küng © 22-Jun-21 HB-ZSL of Swift Copters SA / SL Air SA at Yverdon in new colors - Photo by Alex © 10-Mar-21
HB-ZEX of Helipool GmbH at Salzburg on the delivery to Brasov - Photo by Helipool GmbH © 30-Mar-21 HB-ZYP of Heli Sitterdorf in Heli Academy branding at Sitterdorf - Photo by Markus Herzig © 1-Apr-21
HB-ZQM of Rega at Kantonsspital Chur - Photo by Roland Küng © 4-Apr-21 HB-ZTY of Heli-Lausanne / Genor Aviation at LSGN - Photo by Werner Häuselmann © 24-Mar-21
HB-ZUG flying for Alpine Helicopters at Croix-de-coeur - Photo by Gerard Fabich © 2-Apr-21 HB-ZWZ of Autronic AG at Bern-Belp - Photo by Bruno Siegfried © 8-Mar-21
Former HB-ZVJ as 9H-ZVJ of Vista Jet at Locarno-Magadino - Photo by Dominic Siegfried © 23-Nov-20 HB-ZVP of Alpine Helicopters SA / HeliZuid SA on delivery - Photo by Georg Tsilalidis © 26-Mar-21
HB-ZTW of Rotex Helicopter AG during work at Pratteln - Photo by Christian Suter © 19-Mar-21 HB-ZNP in full Alpinlift Helikopter AG livery at Bern-Belp - Photo by Michael Truttmann © 25-Mar-21
HB-XKA of Heliswiss International on duty at Münchenstein - Photo by Gerard Fabich © 18-Mar-21 HB-ZLG of Swiss Helicopter AG arriving at Denham on export - Photo by David Stevens © 19-Mar-21
HB-ZNO of Eliticino-Tarmac in new spider livery at Centovalli - Photo by Michele Ceresa © 19-Mar-21 HB-ZIB of Swiss Helicopter AG at Untervaz - Photo by Roland Küng © 5-Mar-21
HB-ZPO of Rotex just landed the 1st time at Balzers - Photo by Eric Oberhofer © 18-Mar-21 HB-ZPD at Chironico - Photo by Luca Agosti © 8-Feb-21
HB-ZVK of Swiss Helicopter AG at Bern-Belp - Photo by Janis Siegfried © 10-Mar-21 HB-ZNO of Eliticino-Tarmac above Brissago - Photo by Roger Locher © 22-Sep-17
HB-ZUE of Lions Air Skymedia as Lions 1 at Birrfeld - Photo by Gerard Fabich © 5-Feb-21 HB-ZVE of Swiss Helicopter AG at the new homebase Untervaz - Photo by Roland Küng © 5-Mar-21
HB-ZVO of Héli-Alpes SA at Sion airport - Photo by Christian Suter © 25-Feb-21 HB-ZOM of Helitrans AG taking off from Thun airfield - Photo by Bruno Siegfried © 8-Mar-21
HB-XWW of XWW GmbH during landing at Gstaad-Grund - Photo by Ernst Bach © 24-Feb-21 HB-ZWX of Alpine Helicopters Sarl / Vertical Aviation SA at Sion - Photo by Joel Bessard © 17-Feb-21
HB-ZVL of Swift Copters at Jersey on the delivery to Geneva - Photo by Graham Hocquard © 16-Apr-20 HB-ZEF of Air-Glaciers SA during landing at Evolene - Photo by Valentin Gaspoz © 3-Mar-21
HB-ZWP of Chablais Heli Club in full livery at Bex - Photo by Dominic Siegfried © 27-Feb-21 HB-ZWJ of Mountain Flyers in full livery at Bern-Belp - Photo by Dominic Siegfried © 26-Feb-21
HB-ZVY in Eliticino-Tarmac spider look at Locarno - Photo by Michele Ceresa © 27-Feb-21 HB-ZVP of Europavia (Suisse) SA in new colors at Bern - Photo by Bruno Siegfried © 16-Feb-21
HB-ZUF of Lions Air Skymedia AG at Krakow Poland - Photo by Grzegorz Rebacz © 28-Dec-20 HB-ZVK of Swiss Helicopter on delivery with PCR-Test negative pilots - Photo by Gian Habelt © 18-Feb-21
HB-ZYG of Helipool GmbH at Altenrhein for export customs - Photo by Daniel Hofer © 19-Feb-21 Future HB-ZPO of Rotex as N1200T at Bloomfield on delivery - Photo by Kaman © 10-Feb-21
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