Swiss Helicopter History
by Markus Herzig

Agusta AW109SP s/n: 22204 Built: 2009 s/n History: I-PTFD, HB-ZRZ
Operator / Owner Registered Cancelled Remarks
Schweiz.Luft-Ambulanz AG 2009-06-10 Current  

Registered as I-PTFD at Locarno - Photo by Fabio Morosoli © 15-Apr-09 Registered as I-PTFD at Locarno - Photo by Chris de Stefani © 18-Apr-09
HB-ZRZ on the delivery flight at Milano-Malpensa - Photo by Damiano Gualdoni © 11-Jun-09 HB-ZRZ on the day of delivery at Samedan - Photo by Doris Limacher © 11-Jun-09
HB-ZRZ of Rega during exercises at St.Gallen - Photo by Paul Ulrich © 17-Oct-09 HB-ZRZ during a rescue mission at Limmernsee - Photo by Daniel Pfeiffer © 11-Nov-10
HB-ZRZ and HB-ZRW of Rega at Kantonsspital Chur - Photo by Roland Küng © 13-Mar-15 HB-ZRZ of Rega returning to the base at Mollis - Photo by Daniel Menzi © 12-Dec-22

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