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Swiss Helicopter History
by Markus Herzig

Hughes 369D s/n: 70-0748D Built: 1980 s/n History: N1091A, G-BNMY, OE-KXW, HB-ZBQ, D-HEDA, HB-ZRL
Operator / Owner Registered Cancelled Remarks
Heli Tamina GmbH 2014-04-01 2015-06-04 earlier registered HB-ZBQ
Linth Air Service AG / Heli Tamina GmbH 2015-06-04 Current opf Heli Tamina

Future HB-ZRL as HB-ZBQ at Annemasse France - Photo by Bruno Siegfried © 22-Oct-09 HB-ZRL of Heli Tamina GmbH - former HB-ZBQ - at Mollis - Photo by Fabian Zimmerli © 24-May-14
HB-ZRL of Linth Air Service AG / Heli Tamina GmbH at Valens - Photo by Kurt Albisser © 29-Aug-15        HB-ZRL of Linth Air Service / Heli Tamina at Hüfifirn - Photo by Thomas Bäbler © 24-Sep-17
HB-ZRL at Mollis now with Heli Tamina titles and SG flag - Photo by Thomas Bäbler © 30-Mar-19

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