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Swiss Helicopter History
by Markus Herzig

SA.315B Lama s/n: 2400 Built: 1974 s/n History: OE-EXV, HB-XRD
Operator / Owner Registered Cancelled Remarks
Rhein-Helikopter AG 1988-06-08 2002-07-25 registered in Liechtenstein
Heli-TV SA / G+S Applicazioni SA 2002-07-25 2003-07-22  
Air  Glaciers SA / G+S Applicazioni SA 2003-07-22 2003-09-04  
Heli-TV SA / G+S Applicazioni SA 2003-09-04 2010-03-30  
Heli-TV SA 2010-03-30 Current overhauled 2013-2016

HB-XRD of Rhein-Helikopter AG at snowy Samedan - Photo by Werner Häuselmann © 3-Jan-91 HB-XRD of Rhein-Helikopter AG during logging at Einsiedeln - Photo by Markus Herzig © 12-Aug-91
HB-XRD in the new livery of Rhein-Helikopter AG at Balzers - Photo by Mario Bazzani © 10-Aug-98 HB-XRD of Heli-TV SA at Faido - Photo by Oscar Bernardi © 30-Aug-02
HB-XRD of Heli-TV SA at Lodrino in front of a Porsche lineup - Photo by Alberto Urietti © 17-Apr-04 HB-XRD of Heli-TV SA hovering at Lodrino - Photo by Michele Ceresa © 12-May-04
HB-XRD of Heli-TV under heavy maintenance at Caiolo ITA - Photo by Damiano Gualdoni © 29-Jul-05 HB-XRD in the new livery of Heli-TV SA at Lodrino - Photo by Damiano Gualdoni © 2-Sep-06
HB-XRD of Heli-TV SA at Mendrisio on a grape harvest - Photo by Christian Imperatori © 28-Sep-06 HB-XRD of Heli-TV SA working at Pizzo Erra - Photos by Piero Menucelli © 3-Aug-10
HB-XRD of Heli-TV at Morcote on last flying day prior overhaul - Photo by Alessandro Galli © 13-Feb-13 HB-XRD of Heli-TV SA fresh overhauled and painted at Lodrino - Photo by Oscar Bernardi © 2-Sep-16
HB-XRD of Heli-TV SA at Munt da San Murezzan - Photo by Pascal Deffeyes © 18-Feb-17 HB-XRD of Heli-TV SA at Pianezza - Photo by Aida Scolari © 29-Jul-17
HB-XRD of Heli-TV SA at Pianascio - Photo by Michele Ceresa © 17-Feb-18 HB-XRD of Heli-TV SA flying in the mountains of Ticino - Photo by Michele Ceresa © 7-Dec-19
HB-XRD of Heli-TV SA at work in Centovalli - Photo by Olivier Colombi © 12-Feb-20 HB-XRD of Heli-TV SA during work at Cevio - Photo by Olivier Colombi © 8-Apr-21
HB-XRD of Heli-TV SA - great to see a flying Lama in 2022 - Photo by Stefan Bucheli © 18-Feb-22

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