Swiss Helicopter History
by Markus Herzig

Agusta-Bell 206A s/n: 8155 Built: 1969 s/n History: D-HBBZ, OE-DXS, HB-XHO
Operator / Owner Registered Cancelled Remarks
Giori Roberto 1978-05-19 1979-08-10 ops on pontons
Troendle Willy 1979-08-10 1986-12-01  
Ruedisuehli Helitransport 1986-12-01 1999-03-24 stored from 3-Nov-90
Heliways PK AG 1999-03-24 2000-01-20  
Kessler Peter / Heliways PK AG  2000-01-20 2000-07-18  
SAMU Sàrl 2000-07-18 2009-06-08 opb Helit Hélicoptères
Airport Helicopter / Heli-West AG 2009-06-08 2011-07-29 op under AHB AOC
Airport Helicopter AHB AG / Heli-West AG 2011-07-29 2018-02-28 op under AHB AOC
Wyssen Raoul 2018-02-28 Current  

HB-XHO of Roberto Giori on pontons at Bern - Photo by Paul Schüpbach © 29-Aug-78 HB-XHO of Heliways PK at Bern-Belp - Photo by Markus Herzig © 6-Aug-99
HB-XHO of Helit Hélicoptères at Les Eplatures - Photo by Samuel Sommer © Oct-07 HB-XHO of Heli-West AG at Grenchen - Photo by Marco Tschachtli © 7-May-10
HB-XHO of Heli-West AG taking off at Tavanasa - Photo by Marco Schmid © 15-Jun-13

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